About us

Flygbussarna Door to Gate is a new travelling concept and is operated by the same management as Flygbussarna Airport Coaches, with focus on affordable, convenient and environmentally sustainable rides to the airport.

Flygbussarna Door to Gate is a complement to Flygbussarna Airport Coaches and offers a more flexible way of riding to Arlanda Airport, where the rides are completely adapted to the customer’s desired pickup time and location. We will pick you up when and where it suits you and drop you off at the airport terminal of your choice. Our pricing is built on a start price which depends on where you want to ride from/to. For every additional person in the same company, a fee of 65 SEK will be added to the price. Read more of how the service works.

Flygbussarna Door to Gate, founded in 2016, is a part of Merresor, where brands such as Flygbussarna, Båtbussarna, Snälltåget and Bussakuten are included. Merresor is owned by the Transdev Group and belongs to the business area Commercial Traffic.

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