Cancellation policy

When you need to cancel your trip with Flygbussarna Door to Gate

We understand your travel plans may change and we therefore offer a simple cancellation policy. If you no later than 2 hours before your booked pickup time cancel your trip, we will refund the full price. You cancel your trip yourself through our app or website in “My Trips” and will receive a cancellation confirmation sent to your e-mail. The refund will usually appear on your account 3 to 5 working days after cancellation. Flygbussarna Door to Gate will not reimburse trips canceled later than 2 hours before your pickup time. Nor if you are not on site at the address when your booked pickup time begins.

Cancellation due to canceled or delayed flights

If your flight is canceled or significantly delayed, it is important that you cancel or change your trip in the app or on the website. Failure to cancel or change your flight until two hours prior to your specified pickup time can be considered as a late cancellation and will not be entitled to a refund. Reservations that are affected by delayed and canceled flights can qualify for a refund or other compensation under certain circumstances, but if new replacement booking is made. Please contact us at the Flygbussarna Door to Gate in questions regarding cancellations.