Terms and conditions

Read our terms and conditions before travellling with Flygbussarna Door to Gate

All transportation operated by Flygbussarna Door to gate is subject to the following terms and conditions. By accepting these terms, you agree to abide by them and any future changes and amendments published on www.doortogate.se/resevillkor By booking travel, you accept these terms and conditions and confirm that you understand how our service works. For clarification of what the terms mean, we refer you to read our terms and conditions and frequently asked questions before you accept them.

Instructions when traveling from Arlanda

Your pre-booked pickup on Arlanda is not fixed to a specific time, but is regulated according to your arrival schedule. In your booking, you specify the time your flight is supposed to be landing.

You let us know that you have landed at the airport and are ready for your pickup, by completing your self- check in for Door to Gate. First after checking in, your car will drive up to the desired terminal.

This means that your booking with Door to Gate will not get affected if your flight gets delayed. You can check in for your pickup by:

  • The app: You can check in by simply just opening the app on your phone after landing and click “Yes” when the push request asks you. You can also use the “My trips” page and then click “Check in” on your trip.
  • SMS: You will receive a text message to the specified phone number after you landed. By following the link in the text message, you can start your check-in without having to have the app on your phone.
  • Hosts: Between 07:00-01:30 at terminal 5 bus stop 1-2, 07:30-22:00 at terminal 4 bus stop 6-7 and 08:00-00:30 at terminal 2 bus stop 5-6, our Flygbussarna hosts are available to help you check in for your ride.

After checking in, you will receive instructions to your phone on how to find our pickup location depending on the terminal you indicated you are on. You will also be able to follow your assigned car on a map, as well as contact your driver if required. Your ride will usually pick you up within 20 minutes of check-in. An extended waiting time may occur at special occasions.

Pickup Locations:
Terminal 5 – bus stop 11
Terminal 4 – bus stop 5
Terminal 3 & 2 – bus stop 7-8

Instructions when traveling to Arlanda

We have a 15-minute pickup window when traveling to Arlanda, which means that your ride will normally show up within 15 minutes of your scheduled pickup time. For example, if your pickup time is 10:00, your car will show up between 10:00 and 10:15.

It’s important that you are on the booked pickup address and are visible and ready for departure when the pickup window starts. Our drivers run per a strict schedule and unfortunately do not have the opportunity to wait for travelers.

The pickup time you receive as a proposal when booking, is based on the information you provide about your trip. When choosing Domestic / Schengen, we calculate that you will arrive at the airport 50 minutes before your scheduled flight departure. When traveling International / Charter, we calculate that you arrive 1 hour and 50 minutes before your flight departure. If you wish to arrive earlier or have larger margins, you can choose an earlier pickup time than we suggest.

Complaint & compensation

In case of a complaint, Flygbussarna Door to Gate sees to each case based on the specific situation and make an individual assessment of possible compensation accordingly. In order for the case to be handled, the complaint must be submitted to Flygbussarna Door to Gate by filling in our support form within 3 months of the date of the trip.

If it is determined that a complaint case is a result due to failure of the company, customers can receive compensation in the form of compensation for future bookings, or in some cases, a partial or full refund. In most cases where alternative transportation has been taken and paid by the customer, the refund will not cover the full repayment of the original booking, but the difference between the alternative means of transport and the cost of the original booking of Flygbussarna Door to Gate.

If it is determined that a complaint case is a result due to fault of the customer or circumstances that is not due to Flygbussarna Door to Gate, there is no compensation.

If your assigned Door to Gate car is delayed or unable to pick you up, you will be contacted by our dispatchers. Sometimes it happens that we will replace your Door to Gate car with a taxi instead. In this case, you will receive a message about this via a phone call or SMS.

In case of delay or if you have a reasonable belief that the car is delayed, you are entitled compensation for other transport. A condition for the right to compensation is that it was reasonable to choose the transportation or the transportation used.

If you do not request compensation for other transport in case of delay, you are entitled to a price reduction of:

  • 50% of the ticket price if the delay amounts to more than 20 minutes
  • 75% of the ticket price if the delay amounts to more than 40 minutes
  • 100% of the ticket price if the delay amounts to more than 60 minutes

If you before your departure accept another pickup period from Flygbussarna Door to Gate than the previous period booked, it is the new specified pickup time that is subject for these conditions.

Your ride will usually pick you up within 20 minutes after check-in when traveling from the airport. An extended waiting time may occur at special occasions.

Customer no-show

A booking is classified as a customer no-show when the driver cannot find the customer on the designated pickup location and cannot reach the customer for further instructions via at the booking provided phone number within a short and reasonable time. The driver follows a strict running schedule and does not have the ability to wait for customers who are not at their pickup location, at the risk of delaying other passengers.

Bookings made up-close to departure

Bookings made up-close is a trip booking made less than two hours before the requested pick-up time. With these reservations, we can not guarantee availability of cars or fast service. We will ask you to check our chance to pick you up in conjunction with the booking. Your request can then be accepted or denied. The availability of cars depends on your specified pickup location, final destination, time of day and where our cars are.

For bookings made less than two hours before your pick-up time no repayments are given in case of cancellation of the trip.