What does it cost to ride with Flygbussarna Door to Gate?

Our pricing is built on a start price which depends on where you want to ride from/to. For every additional person in the same company, a fee of 75 SEK will be added to the price.

Shared ride
229 krStart price for a van and 1 passenger
75 krFor every extra passenger

The van picks you up in Södermalm, Långholmen, Reimersholme and usually makes 2 – unchoosable – stops along the way to Arlanda (ARN).

Non-stop ride
879 krGroup price 979 SEK for a van and a total of 9 passengers

The van picks you up Södermalm, Långholmen, Reimersholme and drives straight to Arlanda (ARN).

More price examples

2 adults and 1 child from

Start price 299 SEK for a van and 1 passenger
75 SEK for every extra passenger
229 kr

2 adults, 2 children and 1 dog from

Start price 299 SEK for a van and 1 passenger
75 SEK for every extra passenger
Animal up to 11 kg are allowed to ride in transport cages
229 kr

Business/Group with 9 adults from

Group price 979 SEK for a van and a total of 9 passengers, and the van drives straight to
229 kr

Before your trip

How does a shared ride work?

When booking a shared ride, you can be sharing your ride to or from Arlanda with other travelers whose bookings matches your booking timewise. In addition to your own stop, a shared ride usually makes two stops in the direction of Arlanda. When you enter your travel information for a shared ride booking, our system calculates your pick-up time with margins for other pickups along your way.

For each booking with a shared ride, only one address can be entered. The traveler is not able to add or choose which stops the car does during the route.

Book ride

Can we choose multiple addresses for pickups in the same booking?

Unfortunately, we do not offer a service at this time where you can book several stops along the way within the same booking. For each booking, you can only choose one pickup address. Even though a shared ride can be picking up other travelers along the way, it is not possible for travelers themselves to add or choose these stops.

If you are a company of travelers that wishes to go from different addresses, a separate booking must be made for each address. If you make several reservations, we cannot guarantee that you will be routed to go in the same car but if the pickup takes place in a nearby area and time, chances are you will be able to do so.

How much luggage can I bring?

Each passenger in your party can bring a maximum of 1 bag for check-in and 1 hand luggage. Enter the number of bags for the reservation in the field under “Passenger Information”. You do not need to enter your hand luggage in the booking.

In addition to the above, your party can also bring special luggage according to our chart for special luggage.

It is important that you enter the correct number of bags and bulky luggage in time for your trip. You can change your reservation in the app or on our website up to two hours before your pickup time.
Find our luggage policy and instructions here.

Can I book child safety seats?

We will gladly provide safety seats for your children at no additional cost. You book your child seat while booking your ride in the app or on the website, by choosing what kind of safety seat you want and how many. The customer is responsible for booking a safety seat that suits your child, judging on the child’s length and body stability.

We offer:

  • For children up to about 5 years: rear-facing child seats
  • For children over 5 years: Booster seats
  • Infants: If you are traveling with infants you need to bring your own safety seat. Infants must not sit in the adult’s knees during the trip. Your child is an infant up to about 6-9 months, or until the child can sit steadily in a car seat.


For each booking, only two rear-facing safety seats and two booster seats can be booked.


Everyone traveling with us is considered a passenger and pays the same price for their trip, regardless of age.

Can I travel with my pet?

You are welcome to travel with pets. All animals need to be staying in a cage or carrier bag during the journey. Please indicate that you are traveling with pets in the comment field under passenger details in your booking, so that we can ensure space.

If your animal weighs more than 11 kg, you need to book a non-stop van.

The restrictions above do not affect service dogs.

Travelers with allergies to different animals should be aware that other passengers in a shared ride can be traveling with a pet.

How do I book if I travel to a Schengen country?

When traveling to a country within the Schengen area, you can choose the domestic/ Schengen category when making your reservation. When you choose this type of flight, we calculate your trip so that you are at the airport 50 minutes before your flight departure.

Please note – If you have luggage to check in for your flight, we ask you to choose an earlier pickup time than the one that is first suggested, so that you will have larger margins upon check-in.

You can choose an earlier pickup time by clicking the field under the heading “Pickup Time” in your booking and then select an earlier time in the dropdown list.

Countries within Schengen:



Czech Republic
























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